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Electronic Road Speed Controls
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Chassis Mounted Actuators
Electronic Road Speed Controls

Electronic Road Speed Limiter with Engine Protection Feature!

  • For vehicles with electronically controlled throttles with CAN Bus.
  • Provides both Road Speed Limiting and Engine Protection in a single cost-effective system!
The Sturdy ERSL with the new Engine Protection (EP) feature allows the fleet manager to have proactive on-board diagnostics actually working to prevent engine-related failures before they occur!

Why is Road Speed Limiting and Engine Protection Important?
  • Lowers overall maintenance cost per mile
  • Increases fuel economy and extends vehicle life
  • Saves lives and protects property by reducing speed-related accidents
  • Warns driver of a potential engine failure
  • Optional engine speed limiting and speed hold features
  • Tamper resistant features against loss of speed signal or power
  • Reduces fines and complaints of excessive speeding
  • Keeps your vehicle in service rather than in the garage
Road Speed Limiter System Overview:
  • Limits Vehicle Road Speed between 5Km/h (3 MPH) and 205 Km/h (127.5 MPH) in .8 Km/h or .5 MPH increments.
  • Capable of capturing vehicle data directly from the CAN Bus or serial ISO diagnostic port to accurately limit vehicle speed and provide the engine protection feature. The following protocols are supported: ISO 15765, ISO 9141, ISO 14230, SAE J1939. Limits the vehicle speed via an analog road speed signal if CAN bus or serial ISO port is not available without the EP features.
  • Indicates on the module which speed signal protocol being used to the installer by blinking a visible LED
  • Road speed information loss is indicated via a blinking LED and leads to the vehicle speed being reduced in a time sequence by reducing the throttle pedal output to a preset percentage causing engine limp home mode. This tamper detection feature is designed to discourage interference with the ERSL.
  • Power loss feature instantly inhibits the throttle pedal output to a preset percentage triggering a limp home mode.
Engine Protect (EP) Feature Overview:
  • CAN Bus link constantly monitors for the presence of any of the following engine diagnostic faults:
    • Engine coolant over temperature
    • Engine coolant level too low
    • Transmission fluid over temperature
    • Engine oil level too low
    • Engine oil over temperature
    • ngine oil level too
  • The system alerts the driver of one or more of the above failure modes via an audible alarm, a case LED, and an optional external visible LED.
  • Should one or more of the above engine faults occur, the system incrementally limits the vehicle speed to lower settings in a preset, timed sequence, ultimately to limp home mode until the engine problem is resolved.
  • Once the fault code is resolved, the EP governing function will cease and the ERSL returns the vehicle to normal road speed limiting operation.
Electric Input
  • 12 or 24 Volt DC
  • Polarity and excessive voltage protection
  • Current – 200 Ma Max. 100 Ma Typical
  • Speed Signal via CAN Bus or Analog Input
Environmental Capacity
  • Operating Temperature
    -40°C to 105°C
    -40°F to 221°F

  • Storage Temperature
    -55°C to 125°C
    -67°F to 257°F
Dimensional Data
  • Size – 172mm L x 129mm W x 45mm H
    (6.77” L x 5.08” W x 1.77” H)
  • Weight - 373 Grams / 12 Ounces
  • Construction – Glass-filled nylon with aluminum base
Compliance Standards
  • Meets Standards:
    BS AU 217: Part la: 1987
    (and manufactured in compliance with BS AU 217: Part2: 1989)
  • EU Certified e11-011090 & e11-020185
Specifications Subject to Change without Notice