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Drive by Wire Engine Management System

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AccuSync Twin Engine Synchronizer
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Drive by Wire Engine Management System
AccuSync Twin Engine Synchronizer


AccuSync™ controls twin engines accurately and effortlessly.
AccuSync™ fits All Outboards, Gas & Diesel I/O's and Inboard Engines
AccuSync™ provides smooth control at your fingertips.

AccuSync™ performs the job of synchronizing your mechanically controlled marine engines automatically when-ever you set the engine speed of both engines within approximately 15% or less of each other! AccuSync™ works continuously and effortlessly to synchronize your engines as you move both throttle levers to any selected speed from idle to wide open. A major benefit and convenience of AccuSync™ is that it gives you the freedom to operate each engine at different speeds whenever you need. AccuSync™ is very accurate, its digital control, controls smoothly at all speeds. No more steer-offs from the follower engine lagging behind the lead engine on accels and decels. The new AccuSync™ design eliminates all acceleration and deceleration problems of conventional synchronizers.

AccuSync™ is backed by one of the strongest names in the industry today for high quality throttle management systems. Sturdy is a QS9000/ISO9001 & TS16949 Certified Organization which strives to produce today's most reliable and best value products in the marine business. We are proud to offer our industry leading 3 year warranty on the AccuSync™ Twin Engine Synchronizer. Its also won the two most prestigious innovation awards offered in the marine industry. They are the IMTEC and Motorboat & Sailing Innovation of the year awards.


  • Easy Operation - No more locking one throttle lever at wide open
  • No more engine speed lag during engine speed changes
  • No more steer-offs during engine speed changes
  • Smooth and stable control at all engine speeds
  • Freedom to operate engines at different speeds without switching off
  • Fits all twin engine outboards, diesels, and gasoline powered boats
  • Works with single and multi-station throttle control configurations
  • Easiest installation and setup on the market
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty

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