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Drive by Wire Engine Management System

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Marine Propulsion Control System (MPCS)


Electrical Environmental
Input Power 12 VDC
Power Consumption 10 Amps

  Operating Temperature -40C to +85C
  Storage Temperature - 50C to +100C

Sturdy Marine reserves the right to change product specifications at any time without notice.

MPCS Installation Diagram

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Drive by Wire Engine Management System
Marine Propulsion Control System (MPCS)


Engineered for Reliability     Simple to Operate    Helm Station Back-up Control

The Sturdy Marine Propulsion Control System (MPCS) is the right choice for your vessel. The MPCS is the most accurate, responsive and reliable propulsion control system available in the market today. Years of listening to the needs of boat owners and captains along with the marine control industries most rigorous testing in harsh marine environments has yielded the MPCS electronic throttle and gear control system. The MPCS will do the job of properly commanding your new fully electronic diesel engines.

Besides the advantages of easy and safe operation from the helm station, the Sturdy MPCS will protect your engine and transmission from inadvertent gear changes during periods of high engine RPMs. The Sturdy MPCS constantly monitors the engine speed and based on engine speed at the time of shift will reduce the engine speed momentarily to allow a safe non-damaging gear direction change. Then the MCPS returns engine speed back to the commanded speed at the helm. There are no built-in fixed blind timers to interfere with proper shifting when engine speeds are at proper shifting speeds, as our competition has designed into their product. The Sturdy MPCS is intelligent system that is designed to be integral with the power train and only assists the captain when necessary for safe and smooth operation.  The MPCS includes, as standard, a twin engine synchronizer. Just activate the Sync mode at any time and use one throttle lever to control the speed of both engines at the same exact speed. The MPCS also offers the option of trolling valve control for both fully electric or mechanical valve model transmissions.


  • Electronic Diesel Engine Interface for Caterpillar and Cummins Engines
  • One to Five Control Station Configurations
  • Throttle Control for Electronic Engines
  • Gear Direction Control – Electric and Mechanical Models
  • Start in Neutral Protection
  • Twin Engine Synchronization
  • High Speed Gear Shift Protection
  • Single Lever and Dual Lever Control Head Styles to choose from
  • Control Panel Lighting has dimming function for night operation
  • Optional Trolling Valve Control
  • Digital Microprocessor Control
  • Trouble Free / Reliable Design
  • Two Year Limited Warranty


  • Simple and Easy Operations
  • Provides Better and Easier Control of the Vessel
  • Transfer Stations on the fly
  • Protects Engine and Transmission from operator error with high speed shift protection
  • Synchronizer controls engine speeds exactly via the use of one single throttle lever
  • Vessel tracks straight and true throughout any rate of acceleration or deceleration
  •  Effortless Shifting Action at Control Heads
  • Easy and repeatable Trolling Valve Control through a throttle lever at any control station
  • Trolling Valve control offers synchronization

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