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Multi-Function Display Modules

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High-Performance Platform
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Multi-Function Display Modules
High-Performance Platform


Single board computer that will interface with an off-the-shelf display or a Sturdy custom display designed to the customer’s specifications and requirements.  Customer can select the operating system from many choices including, but not limited to, Windows XP, XP embedded or Linux.  Sturdy will deliver a completely functional platform with the operating system APIs that will allow the customer to develop proprietary custom applications or utilize Sturdy-developed software applications for turnkey products.

  • LCD selections:
       o Color
       o Many sizes and resolutions from 3.5” to 12.1” and larger
       o Touch screen display
       o Non-Touch screen display
       o LED or CCFL backlighting
  • Selection of hardware I/O
       o USB
       o Ethernet
       o Up to 8 CAN interfaces
       o Up to 8 UART interfaces
       o Up to 16 user definable physical buttons (on Sturdy custom displays)
          • Unlimited soft buttons with touch screen displays
       o Up to 6 camera interfaces
       o Card reader
  • Housing design and packaging to meet customer-specific aesthetics and environmental requirements.
       o Industrial
       o Embedded
       o Medical
       o Outdoor
       o Marine

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